Saturday Night Social

Well ruggers, nothing against “Big City” tournaments, but this tournament has a massive advantage over the others. 


This Tournament Has:

  • 80 rugby teams in one building on Sat. night

  • $10.75 STEAK DINNERS next door, with salad/steak fries!!!

  • $1 Happy Hour early evening only 1 block away

  • 3 hotels 1 block from the pitch

  • McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Runza, Tacos & More next to hotels

  • Massive Sat. night for 18+ only 6 blocks from hotel area

  • Themed party social night with Toga “sheet” theme for those who want to “Dance”

  • Live Music, Pyro, DJ, Dancing and Rugby Songs by 1,700 ruggers 18 and over !

  • Big trophies for the fact you made it to “Big Competitive/Fun Tournament”


Big City Tournaments

  • They cost more because everything cost more in a city, even TP

  • Social is MILES away from pitch or hotel, and then pay for parking

  • Park your car and walk how far to the “Fun’?

  • Official social establishment does not hold 90 teams that’s for sure!  Your team is split up, and scattered all over, not at the “True Social Hot Spot”

  • What do players ages 18-21 do in big city socials? Ya, they can’t even go out !

  • How much is the Hotel? City Prices

  • How much is that nice steak dinner? Maybe “Double the Wayne Rugger Price”?

  • How far do you drive to the social? How far do you drive from hotel to pitch?

  • How much is that Ice Cold Drink? City Prices YIKES

  • Do 500 fans in bleacher seating next to the pitch cheer at these tournaments?

  • Trophies?? Just guessing cheap, short and small

  • Lots of HS entries to kind of in a way “inflate” the true college/city club numbers

  • And then the horrific situation playing a team that you played just last week, or you will play next week because in those big city tournaments, 90% of the teams are just from 2-3 state area since it is in a metro area with many teams.......our tournament teams from up to 17 different states one year plus Canada!

Have a “Champaign” weekend on a “dollar menu” budget in Wayne, Nebraska


It might be a bit of a drive for a new team, and you might be wondering if it is worth the drive BUT why do teams travel all this way, EVERY YEAR?  Simply put, they want the most “Bang for their rugby buck”, have some Sat. night fun, play teams they have NEVER seen before, and most importantly dead even competition and have FUN.  Fun helps build a club and that is what many tournaments are lacking these days.  Can we have some fun people, with some very hard nosed rugby? You sure can, in Wayne, Nebraska. Always remember, we do take half-team entries and will pair you up with another half-team if needed. Enjoy the photos and the video links on the main page, they tell it all.


Questions or want to sign up? Contact us.


This year, come to Wayne, Nebraska, you will be very impressed with our “Little Rugby Tournament on the Prairie”  80 teams await you, and a Saturday night for all to enjoy in one building for some good old English Rugby Football Fun.