Lodging Information


For teams on a budget for “Your Work” we can help you get in the dorm rooms, this is pretty darn cheap, next to nothing…….in exchange for this, we ask that your team does a “Clean Up” and garbage run down the sidelines/touchlines of the fields and maybe help with any “quick and easy” project during Saturday.  If this is something you want to work for, let us know at marchrugby@hotmail.com


Poor Floor

Be part of the worlds largest co-ed “Slumber Party”
First come first served but if you “think” you want this you better let us know ASAP at marchrugby@hotmail.com


The world famous “Poor Floor” 

What school program is NOT on a tight budget? Have some fun at the “Slumber Party”


You can sleep at the Auditorium, Convention Hall, Roller Rink, or another towns Auditorium only 8 miles away.  YOU CAN SHOWER AT THE Wayne State Varsity Rec. Center, and then you can sleep on your “Poor Floor”.  There will be a fee to sleep on the poor floor but it a heck of a lot cheaper then a motel, and well………a bit more fun. 30 teams will take this option at those areas that will put you up on the “Poor Floor”


How many Facebook Friends are you going to have after this weekend?
Pillow, sleeping bag, towel for your shower, AND YOUR CAMERAS.


These spots go fast, and if you want it, e-mail NOW !!
This is the way to get by cheap and be close to the action!


Camp Grounds for RV-Tents-Campers-Vans

There are 2 locations in Wayne.

1 location is only 2 blocks from the Saturday night social, just South of 1st and Main St.  It is next to a gas station on Main Street with a nice restroom area and camping for 15 campers.  The 2nd location in town is next to the airport at the Lions Club Park.  Port a Potty use, on the edge of the town for those who want a nice quiet sleep, you are in a very desolate/quite area for about 12 campers.  These are not commercial business campsites, check next to the restroom area, there should be a little donation box for your stay for like $5 per night per camper, that goes to the park and recreation fund. We are checking into campsites at a field just 1 block from the pitch, still working on that.  You would use the rugby complex port-a-potties, and college rec. center showers. Update on that later.



For those ruggers who grew up on “Cheese, Wine and Caviar” and all “pretty fly-halfs”that are not into the co-ed slumber party, there are motels for you to call and get rooms.


In Wayne

Super 8 Motel

1 block away

(402) 375-4898

900 East 7th St.

Wayne, NE

K-D Inn Motel

6 blocks away
311 East 7th Street,

Wayne, NE

(402) 375-1770

Sports Club Motel

2 blocks away
900 East 7th Street,

Wayne, NE

(402) 375-4222

Cobble Stone Inn

Touches the tryzone!

Only 4 months old!!!

With pool and small bar.

Business hotel.

505 Tomar Drive

Wayne, NE

(402) 833-1300



Out of Town

Big Red Motel

17 Minutes
301 U.S. 20
Laurel, NE
(402) 375-8741

Big Red Inn-Suites

(only 3 years old !!)
17 Minutes
304 US Hwy 20
Laurel, NE
(402) 375-8741

Cattleman's Lodge and Suites

18 minutes
On Hwy 275—By Prime Stop Gas Station

New in 2012 New 2nd Location opens in 2016

Charonal Motel---23 minutes
402 Earl Street
Pender, NE
(402) 385-3007

Cedar Motel

28 minutes
107 E Highway 20
Randolph, NE

New Victorian Inn & Suites
Prices starting at $69



For new teams getting motel space and not on the Poor Floor.
Don’t panic, of the 4 different Hwy’s that go into Wayne believe it or not, there is ONLY 1 stop sign for 30 miles from either direction.  So 20 miles is ONLY 20 min. drive. All the Motels below are in towns of 900---1,500 populations. You will be driving 60 MPH 1 min. from your parking lot.  Remember, Wayne is only 13 blocks long, so “Bang-Zoom” your in Wayne, there is no city traffic.


For those staying in Norfolk, you will have 1 traffic light and that is it. Motels are on the “Wayne” side of the city of Norfolk. By the time you listen to 4 songs on the radio, you will be getting close to Wayne.


Motels Listed below are on Hwy 275 in Norfolk, NE 29 miles from Wayne

Make sure to mention the "March Madness" blocked rooms, if they are sold out…..they might not be, when you mention you would like a "March Madness Room" they will release blocked rooms they have for you and also get you a group discount. If they are out of rooms, you better call another place quick. Also, these blocked rooms will all be GIVEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, 15 days before then event, so pleae "hold" a room with a credit card, and you can always pay with a team card or coaches card when you arrive. This goes for the same in the hotels listed above, you have to hold your room with a credit card, as you see this is a big weekend, and rooms are hard to come by. ALSO…..Norfolk, has some great places to stay, and GREAT prices. Again, if you want, you can sleep on the poor floor if you reserve your spot. "March Madness" is the code word to release blocked rooms to you!!


In Norfolk
Just 29 miles from Wayne!  Nice hotel chains offering discounts to stay in Norfolk.

Super 8 of Norfolk


These rooms will go fast at this price !!

1223 Omaha Ave.

Norfolk NE

(402) 379-2220


New Victorian INN

ONLY $54 !!! “Say march madness” check out this sharp place from their web page.  Pretty nice place!

1001 W Omaha Ave

Norfolk, NE
(402) 379-3035


Norfolk Country Inn

ONLY $59 - Incredible discount!!!

A very large business type Hotel, with Bar

(402) 371.5530

Norfolk, NE just off of 13th street and HWY 275 Omaha Ave.


Eco-Lux Inn

They have rooms blocked and "March Madness" special, next to Village Inn Breakfast and Pancake House. You must mention March Madness or they will say the rooms are sold out!

1909 Krenzien | Norfolk NE

(402) 371-7157


Rodeway Inn & Suites

2206 Market Lane

Norfolk NE

(402) 371-9779


Holiday Inn Express and Suites

920 S. 20th St.

Norfolk NE

(402) 379-1524


Norfolk Lodge & Suites

4200 W. Norfolk Ave.

Norfolk NE

(402) 379-3833

Hampton Inn

904 S. 20th St.

Norfolk NE

(402) 379-3585



Teams that have late entries and also who might be coming in very late from the Wisconsin/Northern Iowa area, you might choose to stay on Friday night in the Sioux City area.  Not to confuse you, but “Sioux City” is actually in 3 different states.  North Sioux South Dakota, Sioux City, Iowa and also……South Sioux Nebraska which is 44 minutes from Wayne.


Sioux City, IA

America Best Value Inn

4402 IBP Avenue,

South Sioux City, NE

(402) 494-4114

closest motel to Wayne from South Sioux Nebraska

Haven Inn Motel


2901 Singing Hills Boulevard,

Sioux City, IA

(712) 258-6551

2nd closest to Wayne from Sioux City


Super 8

2530 Singing Hills Blvd.,

Sioux City, IA

(712) 255-8888

Days Inn

3000 Singing Hills Boulevard,

Sioux City, IA

(712) 258-8000

New Victorian Inn

3101 Singing Hills Blvd,

Sioux City, IA

(712) 233-2302

Motel 6 at Airport


6166 Harbor Drive,

Sioux City, IA

(712) 277-3131