20 Reasons to come to this tournament!

Questions to ask yourself when "Shopping Around"
for a good tournament and get the best
Bang For Your Buck---Dollar for Dollar this is the best tournament in the USA

1. Tired of going to tournaments and seeing playing teams that are within your area?
If so, click the FUN LINK Below!
Marquette, Corpus Christi Texas, St. Louis and Chicago already entered in Dec. of 2015!

2. This is a 2 Day Tournament on Sat. and Sun.

3. D-1 to D-5 for both women and men's divisions. Competition for what YOU want to play.

4. College/University Division along with City Club Side/Town Team and Competitive Social

5. Yes, you can enter your team as a 15's team, a 7's team, play BOTH 15's and 7's

6. YES!!!!! WE WILL TAKE a half team entry, and pair you up with another half team!!!
If you are traveling from different time zone, YES we can COMBO you with another ½ team!

7. Yes, we are a "you ask it, you get it" type of tournament! You want 3-4 games Sat
because you are traveling or flying in, sure……you can request extra games or B games!

8. Yes, this is the tournament with 70 or more teams for over 14 years, and this
is with NO high school teams! This is for women and men colligate and city club
NO High Schools. We don't advertise a big tournament only to find out that 60%
of the entries are youth and HS. THIS IS THE BEST IN THE MID-WEST!

9. Yes, This is the tournament where 70 or more teams are at 1 SUPER MEGA social gathering!
Yes, 1,700 players are in one big dance hall. Dance with people from other time zones!!
Yes, 1700 players in TOGA SHEETS TO "Dance and Sock Hop" and make grandma blush!!
Yes, The dance hall in town is for 18 and over, please bring and ID for adult beverages.
Yes, 1,700 players are in for one super big mega rock concert setting.
Yes, there is night club dancing after the concert.
Yes, the same band as always. $100,000 light show-sound system-smoke-fire and guitar smashing.
Yes, exchange business cards and phone numbers. It's called NET-"Working" as you jam and dance Sat night.
Yes, this a big part of the tournament. This is why teams return year after year like LeMar Univ. Texas!

10. Yes, this is the tournament for teams that are on a super skimpy budget to
sleep at the bowling alley, roller rink, basketball court. Want to sleep on the POOR FLOOR?
click the FUN LINK BELOW for your poor floor space and see the videos and photos from last year!

11. Yes, this is the tournament with 3 hotels just 2 blocks from 20 acre rugby complex

12. Yes, a $3 million dollar sports bar will open up in March of 2016 only 3 blocks away!
17,000 Sq. Foot Sports Bar-----with (2) $50,000 golf simulators, archery range, V-Ball and B-Ball courts

13. Want to hear ACCENTS from Canada to Texas? If so, click the FUN LINK BELOW

14. Want to see video and photos from last years tournament? If so, click the fun link below

15. D-1 to D-5 divisions of competition, and if you want stiff competition, we have had
11 teams from over the past 14 years WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in college or city club! If you
want competition in the upper divisions, it awaits you. If your team is in rebuilding and less experienced? D5 and PLAY BALL!

16. If you want BIG TROPHIES, then you are coming to the right tournament. We don't disappoint.
When teams travel this far, we make darn sure you go home with some smiles and “BLING”, so you can tell others
That YOU WANTED THE BEST AND YOU GOT THE BEST! Trophies as big as the 70 Team Toga Dance

17. We don't have big city prices in our downtown area. $11 for a 16 oz. stake dinner, potato and salad
Photos are on the next screen by clicking the FUNL LINK BELOW.

18. Simply put, we WANT YOU TO HAVE FUN. Why do we have teams return every year from so far away?
Compared to other tournaments that over-promise and under-deliver, we can say this; USE THIS TOURNAMENT
AS A RECRUITING TOOL FOR YOUR ROOKIES. 15's or 7's, Full side or half side to combo, women and men, D1 to D5.
Comparing this tournament to any other tournament will have you say
In Wayne we were PLESENTLY SURPIRSED, compared to other tournaments being RUDLEY AWAKEND

19. Before we update this web page in late Jan of 2016, YOU CAN ENTER NOW, pay 2015 pricing, and
NO MONEY NEEDED TO ENTER RIGHT NOW. If you feel your team is 80% on coming to this event, ENTER NOW
WE WILL run out of entry spots, and we will call you in early late Feb. to make you an official 2016 team. If you need to back out,
we will then get to those teams on the waiting list. You are under no obligation to enter AT THIS TIME, and do so, and pay
the 2015 price! Click the link on the bottom to enter and see video and pictures of the 20 acre rugby park and massive toga social

20. We are getting testimonials on a video from past teams that have been here, this will include teams from past trips such as
Notre Dame, West Virginia, Eastern Washington, Los Angeles Occidental College, LaMar Univ. Texas, Northern Michigan
Northwestern, Illinois State, Colorado State, New Mexico Highlands, St. Edwards Texas, Manitoba Canada Univ.,
Winnipeg Canada Sarrisons, Marquette, Oklahoma Univ., Puget Sound Univ. Washington, Arkansas State, TCU, SMU,
Lindenwood, Univ. of Dallas, Colorado State Pueblo, California Maritime, Wyoming Univ., and many more who drive or fly
into this SUPER MEGA 2 DAY EVENT, with 1,700 ruggers at a Sat. night social/concert in a competitive and FUN ENVIORMENT
Yes, testimonials coming soon.